mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty: Introduction

Discover all that Diamond Dynasty has to offer in MLB The Show: 23

Discover all that Diamond Dynasty has to offer in MLB The Show: 23

Another release of MLB The Show is upon us, which means new legends, new aspirations, and hopefully a new feeling into the game’s most popular online mode; Diamond Dynasty.

Let’s dive into some of the modes and features. There are plenty of modes to choose from that let you earn rewards by playing the game.


mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty conquest
Conquest has plenty of maps to choose from.

Conquest mode is back again. In this risk-like mode, the goal is to acquire a fan base and complete quests for rewards and XP while taking over opposing territories. This mode has not changed, continuing to be a solid way to obtain Parallel cards and complete quests that require Parallel XP (PXP).

Nation of Baseball Conquest

mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty conquest nation of baseball
That’s a lot of territories.

If you are looking for a place to start as a new or returning player, check out Nation of Baseball Conquest. This behemoth of a map grants rewards as a way to get your stub and pack economy going. While also being able to grind PXP to complete beginner quests.


mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty lefty handed mini season
Lots of ways to test your cards.

One of my favorite modes added to the show last year is Mini Seasons. This mode has made another appearance in MLB The Show 23. Mini Seasons are primarily offline but can be the best way to test out new cards, and still pose a bit of a challenge.

Typically when you are playing against CPU in Conquest, you’re playing on a lower difficulty for the sake of time, but with Mini Seasons, you can crank the difficulty up to produce an endless amount of content. This year for Mini Seasons, SDS brings us themed challenges with the chance for unique rewards.

For example, Team Affinity (or TA) Mini Seasons grant vouchers to advance your progress within those programs (yes, TA is back! More on that in a bit), and upon completion of the left-handed Mini Season, you are given Mark Mulder.

These should rotate as the year progresses. I cannot wait to see what SDS has in store for us this season!

Showdown Challenges

mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty showdown challenges
Need new cards? Showdown Challenges are the place to go.

A good way to discover new cards you have yet to acquire is through Showdown Challenges. Not only can you discover new cards, but this is a great way to earn a good chunk of XP towards this season’s program.

This mode is never one to miss out on! The starter program boss this year is Justin Verlander.

Team Affinity Season 1 and World Baseball Classic showdown also make an appearance on day 1, granting a ton of content for you to explore.

Team Affinity

mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty team affinity
No matter which team you support, the Team Affinity modes are sure to be a hit with all fans.

I think we can all agree Team Affinity making a return to Diamond Dynasty is for the best. These programs add a TON of free content, conquest maps, themed showdowns, and overall solid players for your favorite teams. With SDS making an obvious push for themed teams in online modes, Team Affinity is a great place to start building a theme team of your own.


mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty coop
Buddy up with a friend or two for more fun.

For online players, all of the usual suspects are back for another year, with ranked seasons adding a Co-Op ladder. Co-Op allows you to play with up to 2 friends (on PlayStation and Xbox) against opposing teams of 3.

This mode will only continue to get better and is a fantastic way to get ranked season rewards even if the 1v1 online mode does not appeal to you. WBC is the opening event of the year, with the top card being Team USA’s Mookie Betts, after 25 wins.

Truthfully, this is where I have spent most of my time playing online, as it always seems laid back and not as toxic as other online modes.

Rotating Card Sets and Seasons

mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty sets seasons information
It appears that each set will be playable for 2 seasons.

The biggest change to Diamond Dynasty is the rotating card sets. If you look at the top of the Mookie card, you’ll see the text Set 1 on the top-left of the card. Set 1 cards are available to use from day 1 throughout the entirety of Season 2 of the games cycle (March 23 to July 7).

mlb the show 23 miguel cabrera set 1 card
Set 1 cards will become unplayable online in Season 3.

At the beginning of Season 3, you will no longer be able to use any card labeled set 1 within the online modes. Anyone who is familiar with trading card games can relate to what is called a “standard set” or a “standard rotation”.

Theoretically, this forces the meta to change every few months to keep things fresh and allow an even start to people potentially missing a few weeks of one season. Because of these rotations, you’re able to get 99-rated players as early as day 1 with no money spent!

I love the ability to take on the day 1 whales of the game and stay competitive with cards each passing month.

I will be providing updates on the rotation of cards as the season progresses, but I am confident that SDS will not miss the mark.

If you’re a fan of baseball and collecting in-game content, MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty is the game mode for you. With a wide range of rewards and game modes, there’s never a dull moment. With SDS continually providing fresh content and updates, the game is sure to remain engaging throughout the year. Get ready to step up to the plate and experience the thrill of the game like never before!

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